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Sailing yacht "S". Project BSY 67

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Sailing yacht "S".
Project BSY 67
BSY 67 is an ocean cruising sailing yacht that surprises with its harmony and balance. Combining the reliability of the steel hull and the functionality of the yacht for world travel, she demonstrates the amazing elegance and beauty of the lines.
Exhibition version. Operating time - 3 exhibitions in Europe and test drives for customers. Ocean yacht at an amazing cost.
Initially, the yacht was designed to be able to travel around the world with a minimum number of crew. Two people are enough for mooring, and one person can manage the yacht under any weather conditions.
Ocean class sailing yacht BSY 67 "S" is a model of a perfectly balanced, super-reliable luxury yacht on which you can make long journeys with a minimum crew.

The design of the yacht was certified by Italian RINA.

The steel hull, aluminum superstructure, ease of operation and extreme comfort were formed by the shipyard team to get the perfect yacht for traveling.

The gently beige Italian leather and hand-crafted American walnut make it easy to feel the style and luxury of this yacht. High, almost panoramic, glazing gives an excellent overview and the opportunity not to miss a single beautiful view around.
The unlimited navigation area, the luxury of super yachts and the ease of yacht management is the foundation from which to start every project.
Deck plan
The interior of BSY 67 "S" conveys an atmosphere of space and comfort. The height of the ceiling is everywhere more than two meters, which allows you to feel the freedom and spaciousness of all guests without exception. The interior layout, carefully planned by professionals, correctly uses the space inside the yacht. Three large cabins for the owner and guests and a single cabin for the captain, a spacious cabin for the company and a galley zoned off from her - everything in this yacht is designed to give comfort and coziness.
Owner's cabin is located in the bow of the yacht. The cabin has a full-size double bed, a sofa for relaxing, a dressing room, a TV.
Close to the bow of the yacht is a latrine with a spacious shower, washbasin and electric toilet. Since the cabin is located closer to the mast, the owner may not worry about possible pitching.
In the central part there is a spacious cabin with comfortable sofas and a table.
The galley is zonal separated by a decorative stand, and is also located somewhat lower, creating a feeling of coziness and comfort for people in the cabin-company.
Also in the central part there is a backup yacht control post. Viewing windows give excellent visibility. On the control screens displayed indicators of all systems. Control in bad weather can be done using autopilot, adjusting the course with special keys.
Aft has two identical guest cabins with full-sized double beds.
Also each cabin has its own spacious bathroom with a washbasin, a shower and an electric toilet.
There is a single cabin for the captain, as well as a separate guest bathroom.
Technical details and equipment
The total length with welded stainless anchor dummy is 20.64 m, maximum width - 5.85 m, displacement - 41 tons. The construction supervision was carried out by the Italian bureau "RINA" and the yacht has a CE certificate. RINA inspectors noted that the level of all work on the yacht correspond to the best yacht shipyards in Germany and Holland. The yacht is puttied with "AWLGrip" putty. It is painted with paints of one of the best in the yachting world with the paint "International". The body is insulated with German polyurethane insulation, designed for a temperature range from -20 to +50. Initially, the yacht was designed to be able to travel around the world with a minimum number of crew. Two people are enough for mooring, and one person can manage the yacht under any weather conditions. To do this, the yacht has three control posts: two on the upper deck and one in the cabin of the yacht. On the upper deck, the starboard control post is paramount. It contains:
- engine management (Perkins, 215 hp).
- Control powerful bow thruster.
- remote control of the anchor winch with a digital counter of the anchor chain, and the display from the bow video camera shows the position of the anchor chain, which allows the helmsman to give or choose the anchor without any help.
- control buttons for electric winches. Each winch has its own control buttons, and remote controls are brought out so that the helmsman can select the sails on his own at the discretion of the steering wheel.
- Raymarine large display, which displays maps of GPS navigation, data from the radar and video camera.
- windsock displays
- lag and echo sounder display
- autopilot display
- remote radio station
- fog horn with loudspeaker function
- light control keys on the main deck. At the left-side control post, there is a large GPS and radar display, lag and echo-sounder display, wind indicator, autopilot, electric winches buttons and control buttons for two electric staysail twists. The steering system is Jeff Stiring's patented system: through special aluminum rods, the rotation of the handwheel is transmitted to a mechanical gearbox, which rotates the steering wheel baller or is controlled by an autopilot through an electric motor. The upper deck is covered with Burmese teak. The superstructure is made of aluminum alloy and has an almost panoramic glazing. Despite the great height of the glass - it is completely safe, as the tempered glass has a thickness of 19 mm, and is able to withstand a large load. In the cockpit are soft sofas and two tables that can be expanded into one large. Also in the feed there is an Italian automatically extending gangway. Mast made of AMg alloy. The grotto rises along the rail with runners of the Italian company Antal using electric winches. The boom is of the type Park Avenue with a cover and wound up with the Lazy Jack system. All blocks and epaulets are from Antal. Interior trim - Italian beige leather and hand-polished American walnut. All bulkheads are made of sandwich panels manufactured by the Italian company Belotti. All lighting is LED. Tanks are made of stainless steel. From the essential ship equipment it is worth mentioning:
Engine Perkins Saber, power 215 hp,
Fisher Panda diesel generator, 15 kW,
Desalination plant producing 150 liters of fresh water per hour
Satellite communications and Internet,
2 kW inverter,
Complete navigation equipment,
Climate control system
Diesel heater,
Three section refrigerator 220/24,
Yacht electric stove with oven.
Great choice!
Excellent yacht that can give you a lot of wonderful and memorable moments of your travel and leisure.