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Black sea yachts
Sailing yachts for travel. Design and construction
Everything you dreamed of can be realized. Journeys begin with the first step.
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Sailing yachts. Construction and design of aluminum and steel sailing yachts

One can hardly argue with the statement that a sailing yacht is a way of life and a desire for new horizons. And building a new sailing yacht is the first step to wonderful travels. Choosing the construction of a sailing yacht to order, you, like any person who cares about sailing, take everything into your own hands, because you know for sure - there are no small things on a sailing yacht. First of all, it is necessary to study the design of the sailing yacht and make your suggestions and corrections. Black Sea Yachts shipyard is a sailing yacht manufacturer in Ukraine, specializing in the design and construction of steel and aluminum sailing yachts for true travelers. All our projects are certified by the Italian CO RINA and meet all European standards of quality and reliability. We design and build cruising sailing yachts, ocean and offshore sailing yachts, expedition sailing yachts for travel and equip our yachts with only the best yacht equipment from well-known yacht brands. The entire process of manufacturing sailing yachts is controlled by RINA inspectors.