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Cruising yachts

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When designing a cruising sailing or motor yacht, the design department has the non-trivial task of creating a unique combination of seaworthiness and comfort.
Cruising yachts are travel and leisure yachts where the comfort and safety of the Owner and his guests come first.

There should be enough areas on the deck for relaxation and sunbathing. Of course, much depends on the size of the yacht, but it is in the right design that the success of comfort and relaxation lies. The organization of sunbathing areas, soft sofas in the shade of the awning or hard roof, the availability of a large table for family and friends, the convenience of bathing and climbing on the yacht, and many other key points that are actually extremely important.

At the same time, the hull of a cruising yacht should be very reliable and seaworthy, because you can't command the weather, and you should be confident in your yacht under any conditions.

The organization of interior space on a cruising yacht is also extremely important. A spacious stateroom, a comfortable galley, large and comfortable cabins.

A separate issue to consider is the question of noise and vibration. Only with the right design and first-class materials can you get a cruising yacht where nothing will interfere with your comfortable vacation

The Black Sea Yachts shipyard is engaged in the production and sale of cruising yachts of class A, unlimited cruising area, up to 45 meters in length, both sailing and motor yachts.

Cruising sailing yachts

All Black Sea Yachts sailing yachts are designed and built for the ocean class under the supervision of the Italian KO RINA.
Black Sea Yachts steel and aluminum cruising yachts are specially designed for cruising and comfortable recreation.

All Black Sea Yachts cruising yachts are designed to be comfortable to sail and operate with a minimum number of crew.

Excellent seaworthiness and reliability combined with excellent organization of interior spaces allows us to say that these sailing yachts are among the best representatives of their class of cruising yachts for travel.

Cruising motor yachts

All Black Sea Yachts motor yachts are designed and built under the supervision of the Italian bureau RINA.
All motor cruising yachts of Black Sea Yachts are designed and built under the supervision of the Italian RINA CO, which is an unconditional basis for confidence in quality and reliability. Motor yacht hulls are made of steel and superstructures are made of aluminum.

Each motor yacht is a model of luxury and comfort, specially designed for travel and recreation.