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BSY 57

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Motor yacht BSY 57

This is a motor yacht capable of sailing both in displacement mode for leisurely travel, and in semi-displacement mode for those who love speed.

A reliable steel hull, aluminum superstructure and long range make this yacht extremely convenient for sea travel.

Almost panoramic glazing provides excellent visibility, and double glazing guarantees safety and excellent sound insulation.
This motor yacht is dual-mode, which allows her to feel confident both in high-speed mode, reaching 22 knots, and to travel calmly in displacement mode at a speed of 9 knots.
The peculiarity of the appearance of the motor yacht BSY 57 is created by an interesting combination of inclined lines of a light alloy superstructure slightly offset towards the stern, two “belts” of vertical tinted glazing and the shape of a steel hull with a high, sharp stem. All this is supported by the contrast of color - white and navy blue.

Steel is the material for the hull, and the superstructure is made of aluminum alloy.

The gyroscopic Seakeeper Gyro can be used as a pitch stabilizer, which, despite its small dimensions, is capable of effectively compensating for vibrations, including in ultra-low speed mode, which gives the right to call it the best option for increasing comfort for yachts of this class and size. Or, at your request, classic Najad dampers can be installed.

The recommended basic technical equipment of the yacht is complemented by a Vetus thruster and a 12 kW Fischer Panda diesel generator.

Priming and putty were done using AWLGrip brand materials, painting was done with specialized International paints, which belong to the class of yacht paints. This solution makes the surface of the yacht practically indistinguishable from fiberglass options.

The project is certified by the Italian RINA. Also, RINA representatives monitor all stages of construction, after which a European certificate is issued.
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