M/Y BSY 65

The project of the motor yacht BSY 65 is a new look at not big explorer yachts, which not only provide an opportunity to get a super reliable yacht, but also complement your vacation with luxury and comfort that were previously available only on super yachts of large dimensions.
The cost of this yacht will depend on your chosen equipment and interior decoration. The construction of the yacht takes place under the supervision of RINA, which certainly better than any words speaks of the level of quality and reliability.


Length, m
Width, m
Draft, m
Displacement, tons
Fuel, m3
Fresh water, m3
Max speed, knots
Cruise speed, knots
Range, n.m
Engine, hp
2х215 Perkins
Diesel generator, kW
1x12 Fischer Panda PMS12000NE
Vetus BOW16024D
Seakeeper 7000 Gyro


The displacement motor yacht BSY 65 is a steel yacht explorer, which, by the level of quality, reliability, comfort and internal ergonomics, puts itself at the same level as elite yachts of much larger dimensions.
The extended superstructure allows you to significantly increase the internal volume. Roomy interior, high ceiling height, guest cabins with full-size double beds and walk-in closets - all this is implemented in the project BSY 65.

Made of steel, it has become a model example of flybridge yachts. The length of this displacement yacht, despite the elongated superstructure, is 20 meters.

Excellent seaworthiness, well-chosen equipment, a large flybridge, ample cabin space give a weighty reason to give the yacht the status of a reliable, comfortable ship for a good rest on the water and cruises.
Special steel serves as material for the hull, and the superstructure is made of aluminum alloy.

As powertrains, it is recommended to give preference to two Perkins 215 hp each. each, which easily allow you to reach 9 knots in cruise mode.
As a pitching damper, gyroscopic Seakeeper Gyro can be used, which, despite its small dimensions, is able to effectively compensate for fluctuations, including in the mode of ultra-low speed, which gives the right to call it the best option to increase comfort for yachts of this class and size. Or, according to your wishes, classic Najad dampers can be installed.
The recommended basic technical equipment of the yacht complements the thruster - Vetus and Fischer Panda diesel generator with a power of 12 kW.

The internal volume of the fuel tank, which in the BSY 65 model makes it possible to refuel 3 tons of fuel, is sufficient to make cruise crossings of up to 1000 nautical miles.

The unprecedented level of sound insulation gives you the opportunity to enjoy peace and quiet even during the transition with the engines running.

Priming and filler is made using materials of the trademark AWLGrip, painted by International specialized paints, which belong to the class of yacht paints. This decision makes the surface of the yacht practically indistinguishable from fiberglass options.

The project is certified by the Italian "RINA". Also representatives of RINA observe all stages of construction, after which a European certificate is issued.


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