Black Sea Yachts

Ocean class yachts

Ocean yachts are made for traveling
The decision to purchase a vessel of this class rarely comes spontaneously. The priority for the future owner is first of all safety and reliability, choice of hull material, comfort level and reliability of all systems.
Ocean yachts, Class A yachts or, as they are also called, ocean class yachts are yachts that are designed and built to successfully navigate ocean waters and be safe in winds over 8 on the Beaufort scale and wave heights over 4 meters.
Ocean yachts are built for traveling and you, as a future owner, need to be absolutely sure that in all weather conditions you are protected and in full control of the situation. The optimal solution is a custom-built ocean yacht. In this case, it is extremely important that the design of the yacht was checked and approved by one of the European classification societies. The choice of hull materials and equipment is also extremely important. For real ocean class yachts it is better to choose steel or aluminum. With equal displacement with a yacht made of other materials, a metal hull will be incomparably more reliable and durable. And even if you decide to use such a yacht just for a comfortable vacation with family, friends or business companions, a yacht designed for ocean voyages is an ideal option in terms of reliability and safety, which will please you for many years.
Ocean sailing yachts
All Black Sea Yachts sailing yachts are designed and built for the ocean class under the supervision of the Italian KO RINA.
Ocean class cruising sailing yachts are the choice of true connoisseurs, people who are used to rely on themselves and know how to control the situation. A luxury yacht, custom built, should be comfortable in all weather conditions. A reliable steel hull, selection of the right sailing armament, additional internal control station, reliable navigation systems, special unsinkable compartments - there can be no unimportant trifles in an ocean class sailing yacht.
Ocean motor yachts

All Black Sea Yachts motor yachts are designed and built for the ocean class under the supervision of the Italian KO RINA.
Motor yachts for ocean voyages are becoming increasingly popular. A large fuel reserve, desalination plant, redundant systems are a must for an ocean class motor yacht. Steel motor explorers are luxury superyachts, very comfortable and safe. The issue of choosing a reliable crew should not be neglected either. If sailing yachts many of the owners prefer to manage themselves, motor yachts are usually bought by people who want to get the most comfortable rest and pleasure from traveling.
Ocean yachts for one-person operation
All Black Sea Yachts yachts are designed and built for the ocean class under the supervision of the Italian KO RINA.
If we are talking about ocean class yachts with one-person control, we will be talking about sailing yachts. The application of modern technologies in navigation and sail control systems allows to create yachts that can be successfully managed by one person. For this purpose there are automatic sail twists and winches, internal control station, autopilot and navigation systems. Managing such vessels, of course, it is necessary to have professional knowledge and skills, as in a long voyage in the open ocean may arise various difficulties. Almost all Black Sea Yachts projects were originally designed so that one person could easily and comfortably have a vacation with his family without an additional crew.